Williams' Computer Services

   Serving the Hudson Valley

        in New York State

At the moment, Williams' Computer Services is a one man crew, based in Wallkill New York, serving as many tech jobs as he can get. I've been around computers since I was 2 years old (3 years old when I could use a mouse) and have been around or on computers ever since. I recieved my first computer at age 10, and have experience with Windows, Mac OS X (including Hackintoshes), GNU/Linux and FreeBSD computers. I am sharing my experience now with the Hudson Valley in the form of services, whether it be a consultant, an instructor or a repair man.

    About Williams' Computer Services

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Mac OS X / iOS

Computer running slow? Do ads appear out of nowhere? Did you just get Windows 8 and need a tour to get around? Fear not, for Williams' Computer Services will gladly assist in anyway it can to make sure your computing experience on Windows is as good as the day you bought it- if not better!

Whether your Mac is spitting out errors at you, or you just got a new iPad and get lost in it's menus, Williams' Computer Services is here to help you show your Mac who's the user!

Setting up Apple IDs and new Apple hardware, navigating menus, fixing Mac OS X errors, and more!

Linux offers stability, performance, and security. Great for people looking for a replacement for Windows 8, XP, or just looking for some more speed and peace of mind!

 Linux is about Free (as in freedom) Software and putting YOU, the user, in control of YOUR computer. 

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